Green barley product and business: Perfect Combination

Are you looking for a networking company that is stable, reputable, and the perfect combination of product and business? You’ve come to the right place. We’re offering Health Wealth’s bestseller’s product, greenbarley superfood! Below is a testimonial from a green barley dealer.

Marilou tried every popular direct selling business. Somehow, she was successful with each venture but not totally satisfied. She continued shopping for one that is backed up by a good company and product until she got into Health Wealth’s green barley in 2010. “Sa dami na sinubukan kong business, from cosmetics, apparel, food supplements, name it…lahat iyon, napasukan ko pero ito yung nakita ko na almost perfect combination – stable ang company and the product is good.”

Just three months after she joined the business, Marilou began enjoying the fruits of her hard work. “Pataas nang pataas ang kinikita ko hanggang nakaipon kami to enable us to get a brand new SUV. Kinaya din namin mabayaran ang tuition fees ng full ng apat kong anak. Dati kasi installment lang ang kaya namin.”

Her husband, Edwin, resigned from his work to help Marilou in the green barley business and pursue their dream of acquiring a house and lot in the near future. She has also encouraged her siblings into joining the family venture.

“Try the green barley business,” Marilou says. “Hindi lang pangkaramdaman ang napapagaling ng green barley. Never stop dreaming. Make your dreams happen. Sipag at tyaga ang kailangan. Focus on what you’re doing and have faith in God.”

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What is barley?

Barley, with scientific name, Hordeum vulgare, is a major cereal grain that belongs to the grass family. This grain is a staple food in Tibetan cuisine. It has also been used as an animal fodder, material for fermenting of beers and distilled beverages and health foods. It’s also used in soups, stews, and barley breads.

Barley is considered as the fourth most important crop in the world, after wheat, corn, and rice. It’s first domesticated in the Near East. The table below shows the top countries that produce barley based on the latest data.

Top Barley Producers by Country and Rank and Production (1000MT).

Rank Country Production (1000 MT)
1 EU-27 59,768.00
2 Russian Federation 19,500.00
3 Ukraine 9,400.00
4 Australia 7,600.00
5 Canada 7,200.00
6 Turkey 4,000.00
7 United States 3,849.00
8 Argentina 3,400.00
9 Iran, Islamic Republic Of 3,200.00
10 Kazakhstan 2,500.00
11 Belarus 2,100.00
12 India 1,810.00
13 Ethiopia 1,800.00
14 Morocco 1,700.00
15 China 1,550.00
16 Algeria 1,300.00
17 Iraq 1,000.00
18 Tunisia 900.00
19 Azerbaijan 600.00
20 Norway 577.00
21 Mexico 550.00
22 New Zealand 410.00
23 Afghanistan 400.00
24 Uruguay 390.00
25 Syrian Arab Republic 350.00
26 Serbia 350.00
27 Brazil 330.00
28 South Africa 313.00
29 Pakistan 265.00
30 Uzbekistan 240.00
31 Peru 230.00
32 Kyrgyzstan 225.00
33 Moldova, Republic Of 200.00
34 Switzerland 185.00
35 Japan 172.00
36 Armenia 160.00
37 Tajikistan 150.00
38 Korea, Republic Of 130.00
39 Egypt 108.00
40 Libya 101.00
41 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of 90.00
42 Chile 90.00
43 Kenya 75.00
44 Bolivia 70.00
45 Bosnia and Herzegovina 65.00
46 Eritrea 65.00
47 Zimbabwe 60.00
48 Yemen 35.00
49 Lebanon 35.00
50 Nepal 30.00
51 Georgia 30.00
52 Colombia 20.00
53 Turkmenistan 20.00
54 Saudi Arabia 15.00
55 Ecuador 15.00
56 Jordan 15.00
57 Bangladesh 7.00
58 Albania 7.00
59 Bhutan 5.00
60 Serbia and Montenegro 0.00
61 United Arab Emirates 0.00
62 Bulgaria 0.00
63 Kuwait 0.00
64 EU-25 0.00
65 Israel 0.00
66 Romania 0.00
67 Taiwan, Province Of China 0.00

Top Barley Consumers

The table below shows the top US export customers for barley.


Benefits of Barley for Diseases

Barley is a valuable source of carbohydrate energy source. In the medieval times, barley was the food of the gladiators such that they were called horderai (from hordeum). During the time of Prophet Muhammad, he prescribed barley, known as “At-Talbina” in Arabic, for 7 diseases.

7 Diseases where barley was prescribed by Prophet Muhammad:

  1. high cholesterol
  2. heart disease
  3. cancer
  4. diabetes
  5. hypertension
  6. soothing and calming effects for the bowel
  7. slowing of age

Not only did barley’s health benefits apply during the ancient times but also up to this day.

Green Barley Today

The Health Wealth International Corporation brought to the Philippines the first and original green barley in 2006. Green barley juice is the leading barley product that has dominated the market nationwide and the worldwide.

The Philippines’ green barley juice has been known for its amazing health benefits and testimonials from various barley users, old and young alike. Dr. Hagiwara, the scientist behind the barley juice, said that barley is the only plant on Earth that provides sole nutrition from birth to old age.

Health Benefits of Green Barley

Green barley superfood has a lot of amazing miracles. Some of the benefits of the barley juice are the following:

  • Green barley juice promotes healthy blood sugar.
  • Barley reduces cholesterol.
  • Barley lowers the risks for cancer.
  • Barley reduces the risks for heart disease.
  • Barley juice is good for gaining weight or for losing weight.
  • Barley is good for people with asthma.

And there are a lot more benefits…

Just make sure though that you’re buying and drinking only the original green barley powdered juice drink.

Green Barley Philippines

If you’re looking for the original green barley juice, you’ve come to the right place. Green Barley Philippines Web site is the leading and original propagator of the green barley superfood brand in the Philippines and eventually the world wide web. Please feel free to get in touch with us via our social sites.

Green Barley Philippines Official Facebook Account Page:

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Thanks and best health regards. God bless us!

– Deese, the barley lady, propagator of green barley around the world.


Green barley : an answer to a prayer

Are you looking for ways on how you can increase your income while maintaining good health not just for you and your family and others? Join HW green barley dealership program. You may call/SMS us at +63917 452 4741 or send us a mail at healthwealth[at]greenbarleyphilippines[dot]com.

Below is a wealth testimony from Marittes through her green barley business.


Life was never easy for Marittes. After high school, she had to forego her dream of getting into college. “Kapos sa pera kaya kahit gusto kong makatungtong ng college, wala akong nagawa kaya namasukan na lang ako bilang isang mananahi sa isang garments factory na gumagawa ng mga baby dress, t-shirts, polo at bags.” She, however, left the company after a while to join a tailoring shop. “Mahirap kasi sa factory dahil wala namang nare-regular. Puro contractual lang kaya naisipan kong lumipat sa isang tailoring shop bilang mananahi ng mga jersey.”

Yet, life never really improved despite her decision. “Kulang-kulang isang libo lang ang sinasahod ko kada-isang linggo. Kung minsan, wala pa nga, lalo kapag hindi agad nakakabayad ang customer. Kaya pati ang pagtitinda ng gulay, ginawa ko para meron man lang akong panggastos sa araw-araw na pangangailangan ko.” She also tried reflexology and massage therapy to augment her meager income. Sinuwerte ako sandali kasi nagka-customer ako ng mag-asawang Singaporean at dinala ako sa Singapore as personal masseur nila for 5 months.” Throughout her quest to improve her life, Marittes remained steadfast in her faith. She was never remiss in her church obligations.

Marittes quit tailoring as a source of livelihood in March 2011 to focus on the green barley business after she was introduced into it a few months back. “Sa business na ito ako nakatikim humawak ng malaking pera.” Her first move was investing in memorial plans for her loved ones. She is trying to save enough money to purchase a PUJ for added income and contributions to church projects where she is quite active.

For Marittes, who once has never been able to experience eating in a fastfood diner, life has finally turned out as she dreamt it to be and expresses her deep gratefulness to God for never abandoning her. “With him, nothing can be impossible. Tutulungan ka Niya magkatotoo ang iyong mga pangarap.”

Culled from HW Product Catalogue

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Sharing the wealth through green barley business

Are you looking for a product that offers both health and wealth opportunity? You’ve come to the right place. Green Barley Philippines is OPEN for dealership. We ship green barley nationwide and overseas. Please call/SMS us at +63917 452 4741 or send us a mail at greenbarleyphilippines[at]yahoo[com].

Below is a wealth testimony from Fely through her green barley business.



Fely was a beautician who ranĀ  her own parlor in Cavite. In 2008, she was invited to the green barley business and immediately invested the only money she had – PhP 3,000 – because the product impressed her. “We tried the product and was amazed at how effective it was. “Nawala ang UTI ng anak ko sa unang inom pa lang ng green barley.”

Dahil sa maganda ang mga tsekeng natatanggap ko, ininvite ko ang dalawang kaibigan ko na nag-share sa puhunan. Naniniwala kasi ako na habang tinutulungan mo ang kapwa mo, sila din ang tutulong sa iyo para gumanda ang kita mo (referring to Repeat Orders in the business).

Though she admits she’s not totally adept at making a sales pitch, she has managed to turn her green barley business into a big success. “Kahit hindi ako gaanong mahusay magsalita, dahil sa pagpapatikim ko ng green barley sa mga potential users, nakakabenta ako at nakakatulong pa sa kapwa ko. Pumupunta kami sa mga barrio para lang nila malaman na may ganitong kagaling na produkto.” Her perseverance and hardwork eventually bore fruit. Together with husband Ronnie, she was able to put up a green barley center aside from a 3-storey building. Their venture was also able to put their daughter through college.

“Galing sa Diyos ang kalusugan natin kaya dapat natin mapangalagaan ang ipinagkaloob Nya sa atin. Let us share the green barley blessings to others.”

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– Attend our FREE orientation about green barley product and dealership. Please arrange your schedule with us at +63917 452 4741 or send us a mail at greenbarleyphilippines[at]yahoo[com].

Green barley networking opportunity for Filipinos

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Below is a wealth testimonial from Darwin through his green barley networking business.



Darwin, as a salesman, is a veteran in the direct-selling business. He admits that he has stayed there long enough.

Darwin joined the HWIC business in 2006 while practising his profession as a medical technologist. Finally, in 2010, he decided to go fulltime as HW green barley dealer together with his wife. This happened when he witnessed how his in-laws, who were diabetics, benefited from taking green barley.

“We tried the product first within the family, including my five children. Sakitin kasi sila noon. Pero noong pinainom ko sila ng green barley, gumanda ang resistensya nila. So noong nakita namin na effective, nagmarket kami outside the family. Dati, bote-bote lang naibebenta namin. Ngayon, kahon-kahon na.”

Darwin admits it is the high marketing return that pushed him into the business. “Kumikita ka ng hindi umaasa lang sa sariling pagod. Isa pa, hindi kinakailangan ng malaking puhunan sa business na ito considering isang napakahusay na produkto ang green barley.”

He earns the equivalent salary of a vice-president from a medium-sized company. “How much capital do you need to earn this big? Saan ka makakakita ng maliit lang ang capital pero napakalaki ng balik?” In fact, he and his wife have been able to set aside a substantial amount for the education of their five children.

Darwin is proud to say that if he would be given a 2nd life and another business opportunity, he would still choose Health Wealth’s green barley juice. “You don’t have to be a good salesman if you have a good product.”

Culled from HWProduct Catalogue

Interested to buy and sell this amazing barley food product? We are open for dealership. Attend our FREE seminars. Please book your schedule with us at +63917 452 4741.