Green barley testimonial : cancer of the uterus

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Herewith is an amazing miracle from a green barley user.

Green barley testimonial for cancer of the uterus.

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In March 2010, Christine was diagnosed with cancers of the uterus and of the endometrium after experiencing hemorrhage for one year that gradually led to anemia. She was advised to undergo hysterectomy and six cycles of chemotherapy and the most devastating of all was the news that she had only a year to live.

Christine did not undertake any of those. Her dad, who has been taking green barley for sometime, suggested the product to Christine. With ferrous sulfate and a change in her diet, Christine took the advice and consumed one bottle of green barley premium a day.

After taking it for only one week, her blood began to normalize. She maintained consuming the green barley premium for the succeeding two weeks taking no other vitamins, after which she submitted herself to another laboratory test, including ultrasound. She was amazed to learn that the cancer cells had ‘burst’.

The following month, she switched to green barley regular and started noticing further improvements the product brought to the detoxification process of her body and to her overall immune system. She also observed she was slimming down.

After another round of ultrasound test, her cervix and fallopian tubes were found to be smooth. Her ovaries, which were previously inflamed, became normal and neither showed any sign of a PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

Barely four months after she started taking green barley, Christine was back to health. In December of that same year, she was given clearance by her oncologist and told her that her cancers were in remission.

Grateful for what green barley has given her, Christine has put up an alternative medical clinic to help other people particularly those stricken with breast cancer. “We do not ask for any fee, only donations to help sustain our mission. I want to share the blessings dahil napagaling ako.”

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Green barley for parkinson’s disease

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Herewith is a green barley testimonial from Kagawad Ernie who greatly benefited from barley juice for his Parkinson’s disease.


Kagawad Ernie was known in his barangay for a while as Kagawad Robot because his legs were always stiff due to Parkinson’s Disease which began affecting him in 2010.

“Nabansagan ako na ‘Kagawad Robot’ dahil bulol ako magsalita at lagi akong nanginginig.” Three years earlier, in 2007, he was declared a diabetic by his doctor who likewise informed him about the complications that had developed in his lungs. Thus, when his doctor prescribed him medications for his Parkinson’s malady, he got so depressed that he asked the Lord to take him. “Noong nagkasakit ang mga magulang ko noon 1986, hiniling ko sa Panginoon na kunin na sila para hindi na sila gaanong maghirap sa dinadanas nilang sakit. Kaya nung ako na ang tinamaan ng ganitong karamdaman, ipinalangin ko din sa Panginoon na kunin na rin Nya ako. Hinanda ko na lahat – ang SSS ko, ang memorial plan ko…”

One day, a friend convinced Ernie to try drinking the green barley juice which he gladly did. After consuming two bottles, he immediately felt something good was happening to him physically. In a matter of 25 days, “nakalakad na ako nang maayos. Wala na ang violent shaking.”

“Napagaling ako ng pag-inom ko ng pag-inom ko ng green barley. Dati, pagkainom ko ng gamot ko noon, kinakailangan kong matulog ng 30 minutes para ma-kontrol ang posibleng epekto ng gamot.” But with green barley, he did not have to take a nap whenever he needs to take his medication.

Ernie’s lungs had been cleared of any illness following a sputum test. His blood sugar is now down to 99 from his 300 average.

“Ngayon ko naintindihan ang sinasabi ng marami na ang ating kalusugan ay sya ding kayamanan natin.”

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Green barley diabetes testimonial


Main Symptoms of Diabetes

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Below is a green barley health testimonial for a person who was inflicted with diabetes.



“I give my life to You, Lord.” This has always been Art’s resigned whisper while lying on his bed for three months in 2010.¬† He was ‘buto’t balat’. His blood sugar was 571. Suffering from diabetes since 2000, he reached the point where one of his kidneys failed because of pus (nana) while his legs were scheduled to be amputated because of gangrene.

As his health slowly deteriorated, his hospital bills piled up.

“My hospital bill reached a whopping PhP390,000 and I had to pawn my vehicle. I was drained physically and financially.

“As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, yung suki ko sa isda brought me 3 bottles of HW green barley. I did not hesitate to drink them because somehow I needed to have the strength to be able to travel to my hometown Cebu where I intended to recuperate. I could not understand how I felt when I first drank green barley. Basta I prayed hard to God to help me because I was so weak when I left the hospital. In fact, I was not even fit to leave the hospital but I was forced to because I had nothing left to pay for the bills if I continued staying there.”

While in Cebu, Art continued to take green barley as he tried to research further on the nutritional value of the HW product. With health improved, he returned to Manila just after 15 days feeling invigorated and renewed in spirit.

His laboratory tests eventually showed negative results of “nana” in his kidney. His blood sugar had dropped to 139, and continues to be normal to this day.

“I also noticed significant improvements in my vision. Before it was blurred. Malabo ang tingin ko. I had so much difficulty reading text messages.”

His legs, which were due for amputation, are the very legs that take him to jogging today. He is back working as a part-time professor in one of the prestigious universities in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

“Green barley is amazing, awesome.”

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Green barley and epilepsy


Epilepsy Seizures Photo credit:

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Below is a client’s experience on how green barley has significantly improved the condition of 8-year old Ryien who suffered from epilepsy and periodic convulsions and seizures.

God’s Little Angel

Ryien suffered from generalized spasms, epilepsy, periodic convulsions and seizures 6-8 times per day. Common parlance calls it body twitching or jerking. Ryien could hardly sit, stand, and talk.

Ryien’s family was unsure if her illness, which manifested when she was 1.5 years old, was hereditary or not. But they became hopeful when specialists told them that the condition could be reversed by controlling the seizures.

Sometime in July 2010, Ryien began taking the green barley premium upon the recommendation of a family friend. Ryien’s mom, Robie, recalls that after taking the product, Ryien had a good night’s sleep. Since then, Ryien has improved steadily. Her seizures have significantly declined to just one to twice a day, though her mom admits there were times when Ryien would miss her green barley specially when budget was tight.

Before being introduced to Green barley, Ryien had always been lying down or carried like a new born baby. Now, she can stand on her own, says Ryien’s mom who has also learned therapy and acts as an occupational therapist and tutor of Ryien. “Malaki ang pag-asa namin na patuloy ang paggaling ni Ryien.” Ryien has learned to drink from a bottle by herself and is beginning to react to noise and sounds around her.

Currently, Ryien continues to take anti-convulsants, supplemented by green barley. “Her mental development has progressed significantly with the inclusion of barley in her diet,” says her grateful mom who noticed that her daughter had started becoming conscious and sensitive to people and things around her. She understands what people say and her responses and reactions are getting normal.

“Mas nakakaalam si Lord kung ano ang dapt for our little Ryien, and we put our trust in Him.”

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With green barley, God gave me more…


Patience, + hard work + perseverance = Success Photo credit:

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Below is a testimony of a former wallet and bag maker, Marilyn, on how green barley has changed her life both in her health and wealth.

“Higit ang Binigay ni Lord”

She was earning PhP 200 per day as wallet and bag maker in a factory she was working for. Realizing this was not enough to handle all her family’s financial needs, she thought of looking for more options.

Her prayers were answered when her Ate Liza, her cousin-in-law invited her to a green barley seminar.

“Nabago po buhay ko sa Health Wealth. Natutunan ko dito na kahit grade 6 lang natapos ko, may pagkakataon pa pala akong kumita,” shares Marilyn.

Shy and reluctant in the beginning, Marilyn has grown, not only in terms of wealth, but with newfound personal confidence and style. Credit not only goes to the Health Wealth products’ dealership experience and training, says her superiors, but to Marilyn’s inherent traits of patience, hard work, and deep perseverance.

“After starting out with her immediate network of family and friends, Marilyn, utilized the flyering and cold canvassing style of selling in order to target prospective clients. Noong nasa Leadership Training Seminar namin sa Caliraya, she was the only dealer who was able to sell green barley to anyone who walks by during breaks and recess!”, shares one of her superiors. He attests: “Kahit pa-isa isang bote lang ang order ng client nya, inihahatid pa nya yun. Talagang bibilib ka sa kanyang sipag at tiyaga. Ang galing talaga!”

Today, Marilyn leads a more comfortable life. With her much improved state, she can now afford regular visits to her family in Bicol. She took care of her brother’s hospital expenses when the latter was confined due to a heart attack. Her son, formerly working as a security guard, is now also working in Marilyn’s team.

“Sobrang happy po ako. Lahat kami ngayon, green barley na ang iniinom. I share the product, lalo na doon sa gustong kumita. Lagi kong sinasabi, kahit kagaya ko na walang tinapos, may pagkakataong umasenso.”

Marilyn’s success has enabled her to open a Savings Account for her project. “Nakakaipon na po ako ngayon para sa aming sariling bahay. Talagang sobra-sobra po ito sa inaasahan ko. Higit po talaga ang binigay ni Lord.”

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